Sociedade do Divino Espirito Santo

Lowell, Massachusetts

Support the Holy Ghost Society of Lowell, MA

The Holy Ghost Society thrives on the involvement of members, the time of volunteers, the generous contributions of community members, and the attendance of supporters. Please consider giving back in any of the following ways:

Financial Contributions

Donation checks may be made out to the
Holy Ghost Society
and mailed to
P.O. Box 8546
Lowell, MA 01852


Membership is a critical piece of running a successful Society. Please show your support for the Holy Ghost Society by becoming a member and enjoying membership benefits.

Attend Events

Your participation allows our community to preserve very important Portuguese traditions. Without attendance we cannot thrive as a community. Please remember to purchase event tickets, purchase food, and and introduce friends to our beautiful culture.


The Holy Ghost Society appreciates your time. Please consider volunteering to assist in event planning, decorating, serving, or cooking. All of our events are made possible by volunteers.